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Ronan's report

Wednesday 04 June, 2014

Alex and I have been pretty busy these days. Teaching how to improve their fly casting to quite some of our students as well as how to start fly casting to new students. Fair to say we had a hell of a time. Teaching others how to fly cast is a HUGE privileg to us!

The past two days we started to search the coastline for the first mullets. Usually they arrive in the middle of June, but some of them always show up a week or two in advance. And it is exactly those early runners, which are the easiest ones to catch. Well, "easy" is probably the one word that shouldn't be used for catching mullets at all. In fact they are very hard to fool. And that matches for all of them!

No doubt the early runners haven't seen any fly for a long time and they seem to be more reactive, if one softly drops down a fly in front of their mouth.

On Monday we were walking the (Baltic) beach for 8 hours but couldn't find a single mullet. Same in two harbours we checked on Monday as well. Then yesterday I checked two harbours again and couldn't locate a single mullet. So I again checked a huge stretch (5-6 miles) along the beach. Finally (late in the day) I found the first group of mullets this year. One came close enough for a superb presentation of my fly and it immediately took it. It was an extra large mullet (above 10 pounds) and it offered me a hell of a great run more than once. After half an hour I successfully could release the fish. Great watching him swimming directly back into his group! I haven't seen any other species of fish showing such a strong familary behaviour yet. That to me makes it a 100% must release.

Thanks to the mullet for a fantastic start of this season!

Tomorrow we will be back into teaching and a day guiding on Thursday. Friday fishing for mullet and Saturday the next group lesson in fly casting.

Yes, life is a bitch! ;)

Great week to all of you, too!

All my best


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