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Ronan's report

Sunday April 4th, 2014

Paul's gone fishing, so there's no new FP today, but he promises a triple header tomorrow! And of course, I didn't get the tires changed, I didn't clean the car and I didn't clear the trunk :-). But I did go fishing this morning, no sunrise, no fish, foggy as H..., which I really don't like! The fish doesn't seem to like it either...

Today's schedule involves changing tires on the car (summer tires back on), cleaning it (an archaeologist's car really needs to be cleaned once in a while - trust me :-), a little vacuuming and clearing out all sorts of weird stuff from the trunk :-).

Then I think I'll break the kayak out from winter hibernation and get that cleaned up and ready for the season as well.

Then there's trip to a museum with the eldest daughter's class and then I think the day's more or less over.

Tomorrow, the wind wind shifts from easterly winds to a south westerly, and that holds promise for good fishing! I generally don't like easterly winds, and a north eagerly is totally useless. I do catch fish in easterlies sometimes, but generally, I find that fishing is better in westerly- and south westerly winds. Wonder if it's the same elsewhere in the World?

Generally, I don't let the weather dictate when I fish - I fish when I have the time. But I know people who will NEVER fish in an easterly wind, some will never fish in sunshine and high. barometric pressure, some will never fish under a full moon, others believe that new moon is magical. But tomorrow, the winds shifts to the south west after a long period of easterly winds, and I just believe and know that that is good for fishing! So tomorrow, weather dictates that I go fishing (I probably would have gone no matter what, but it sounds good, doesn't it?).

Up at 4am, car ready and packed (and clean!), lunch already made, water for making coffee (one of the many, strange things I always have in the car is my JetBoil and some coffee, so all I need is water and I can always make coffee).

The stuff I have in my fishing vest will be transferred over to my Patagucci WaterFront sling pack, which I of course couldn't resist. I have to say, it's a really, really nice pack. I would have gone with the new, small Simms sling pack, but I really like (need!) water proof for my camera gear. Nice details, small internal mesh pockets, an outer pocket and everything. More after tomorrow!

So, early to bed, alarm set to 4am and the off to a sunrise on my favourite spot (see PoD).

Have a great weekend!

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