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Ronan's report

Tuesday November 13th, 2007

Over on the Board one of the best threads I can remember kicked off a few weeks back. It's a Saltwater thread, about getting down and dirty, scrapping with brutal fish on fly-gear most of us will never use. Even if you'll never throw a fly into saltwater that thread is worth reading - those guys take the fight to fish that fight back - fish that snap 20lb leaders and break rods. Take those lessons to any fish and you will start questioning how you set up leaders and lines and how you play fish. Oh and mouth-watering pics too!

Years ago - I was playing a salmon, a friend coaching on one side and an old local angler on the other. The salmon and had just about reached a stand-off - he couldn't run up or down stream and I couldn't pull him sideways in the current. My rod was down-ish more or less pointing at his head.

My friend was saying, "Raise your rod."

The fish was saying, "I'm going nowhere."

The old angler said, "Give him the butt."

In that moment I thought he meant hand the rod to my fishing mate - like that was going to happen! When he said "Lift your right hand" I almost understood, and did. "Now wind down." which I did.

I pumped, using the strongest part of my rod, and slowly the salmon started coming sideways towards the bank until we could tail him and I could breathe again. A coloured cock fish, slab sided and around a meter long - far more than the tip of my rod could move - beaten by the butt!


PS The 2007 Sexyloops Charity Auction is one of those 'you may not want it - someone else will' sort of things - recycling and a great cause. Whatever it is, if it's anything to do with fishing - put it up for auction. If you have nothing to auction - bid for top class flies, or a lab coat.

Proceeds this year go towards supporting groups who want democracy for Burma.

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