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Ronan's report

Wednesday 21st April, 2010

It's Springtime, and it's all happening here in Oregon.

We're starting to see a few of the first summer run steelhead in the local rivers, the trout fishing is heating up, and the warmwater fisheries will be popping before you know it. But I haven't had the time for fishing lately. There will be plenty of time for that once my seasons ski pass runs out.

It's all happening in the workshop too. My fishing partner Niall talked me into a trip to Baja to fish the beaches and bluewater in June. I've never done this sort of fishing before, so the trip preparations are a bit more intense than the usual weekend trip for steelhead or even a 10 day bonefish excursion. I'm super excited after looking up the list of typical species that guys catch. Out of the 20+ species, I've only caught ONE. So, unless I completely blow it down there, I'll be experiencing at least a couple of new species on fly.

It always pays to be prepared, and the more you know the better off you are. So, were checking the web, asking our friends that have done similar trips, making plans and gear lists, setting up plans to borrow the gear we don't own, buying the stuff we can't borrow, researching flies, and (soon I hope) starting to tie flies.

This is when it's great to have friends with experience that you can trust. It's also a great time to post questions on Sexyloops' Infamous Board.

For example, you could ask Viking Lars about wild Atlantic Salmon in Denmark. Totally Awesome.

OK, that was a quick one this week.

Back to the workshop. See you next Wednesday.

Take Care and Fish On,

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