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Ronan's report

Saturday September 12th 2009

A grand project has taken its start in one of Denmark's premier salmon rivers - River Varde. It's one of my "local" rivers as it's very close to where I work and I fish it every week, so I follow this project very closely of course. Not least because the museum I work for has been involved in the project from the beginning.

A large hydro-electric plan was build on this river around 1920, and that involved a lot of earthwork around the river - bends were straightened, water was led into the dam etc. Now it has been decided to give up the dam-rights and let the river have back all it's own water. There's a big hatchery upstream the powerplant, which they haven't been succesful in closing, so the river will be led around the fish hatchery.

From the dam up to a place called Ansager Canal (a canal that was built to lead water into the dam) - probably less than 20km in a straight line - 35 bends are being recreated, the rivers will be wider and hopefully, we'll end up with a more "fresh" current and the real winner is the river itself.

River Varde is one of the rivers where it was recently discivered that original salmon were still present, and in larger numbers than thought before. The real reason for this huge project, supported by the EU, is the presence of a strange little creature called a houting - a distant relative to salmon and seatrout. Houting are endangered, and are the reason that the EU has chosen to support the project financially. Salmon and seatrout will gain just as much benefit as the houting.

It seems that I have accidentally deleted the pictures I had from the digging, so for today, you'll have an old PoD! I'll make some new pictures this week and I'll follow the project closely. I've got a couple of new capes and a couple of new skins for zonkers I need to prepare for tying, so the PoD is a shot of newly washed zonkerstrips :-)

Have a great weekend!


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