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Ronan's report

Sunday April 4th, 2014

I have a good friend who's a professional salmon- and steelhead guide. Klaus Frimor guides on Iceland and on the Clearwater in Idaho and he's done so for many, many years. Klaus has this close-to-firm belief (in fact, he knows it :-) that the only real way to catch a salmon is on the fly (no argument there from anyone here I suspect?) and on a floating line, long leader and preferably a small fly. Klaus puts it another way: "I don't use sinking lines - they're closer to Hell" :-).

Of course Klaus has the luxury of fishing some of Iceland's finest rivers each year with very low fishing pressure, clear water and good numbers of salmon, and conditions up there are different than in Denmark and Southern Sweden for instance.

But we often discuss this matter, because in Denmark and Sweden (and Norway to some extent), sinking lines are very common, and in Denmark at least, I'd go as far as to say that floating lines are un-common.

A typical, Danish salmon river is deep, coloured and with a rather heavy and slow current. Klaus maintains that if fishing pressure was low enough, salmon would also rise to a shallow fly under these conditions, and he could very well be right, but the fact is that fishing pressure is not low - in fact, quite high.

And what we perceive as a coloured river might look different to a fish. Have you ever tried taking a white bucket and filling it with river water? It's really not that coloured after all, and the fish are looking up towards a bright(er) sky from below, and I do think that they can and do see a lot more than we think. So after all, it might be fishing pressure keeping them down.

None the less, come Wednesday, I'll be armed with sinking shooting heads, a 13' double hander, a handful of flies (you know that's a lie - hundreds is closer to the truth :-) and a camera, because on April 16th, the salmon rivers open again.

Fresh salmon have been observed in the rivers, conditions are looking fine, the water temperature is acceptable, weather forecast looks fine. I'm looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend!

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