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Ronan's report

Sunday July 25th 2009

I've had a pretty good season so far and caught some nice and quite big fish! I was thinking about that yesterday and I was thinking back about the memorable fish that I've caught.

So how do you rate a catch (should I even try?) as the best? I really don't know, but I think the fish I keep returning to as the one I'm most happy about is a grayling - not even a big one - in fact, I think it should be categorised under "small ones" :-).

It was late May and the Danicas were hatching as well as a few other significant species of mayflies. It was a nice day and the sun was shining. I foud the fish rising regularly to what I initially thought was the Danica.

I'll cut a long story short - I went through many different imitations of several different insects in all their significant stages of lifecycle. I finally caught the fish by accident - a bummed cast with a Sulphurea Spinner pattern on the leader sunk the fly, and the fish took it perfectly just 2 inches under the surface.

It wasn't big - 12 inches or something and I caught it by accident, but it's very memorable as that fish taught me a valuable lesson - that of the sunken spinner and selective feeders :-).

I think since catching this fish about 8 years ago, I've encountered selective sunken spinner feeder 2 or three times, but recognising the situation and catching the fish was very rewarding!

Have a nice weekend!


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