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Ronan's report

Monday 23rd May, 2011

It's been a great week, I'm still in full fishing-mode, although I'm busy catching up on things now, or at least that was today. Tomorrow I'll be fishing again, in a place where I've caught precisely two imaginary fish, and I'm imagining they're bigger now. That's right, I'm in Noosa where saltwater fishing was discovered as being completely imaginary. And while I'm here, with new found knowledge I might add, I reckon I may catch them both again.

Last week I was fishing with Scotty, a crazy Scot from the Board, and Beerie, a mad Aussie also from the Board. That was exciting. We caught fish, although we didn't nail them all. The highlight for me was catching a large (for Australia, or anywhere in fact) Australian Bass on one of Sean Ash's popper grasshopper things - grasspopper? It took after the third pop.

I love bass fishing with poppers. It's incredible how you can make such complicated casts that send the fly through an entangled over-grown mass, skipping the fly right up to the wall. I still don't know how it happens. And then you leave the fly for what seems like an age, before "pop", and then another really long delay! And just when you think there's nothing home, "KE-BAM" and the fly disappears inside an enormous fish gob. It's quite addictive!

There were also some Barra caught. Fantastic fish, that pull hard, also take surface flies and like the fly being pulled and left stationary... before smashing the shit out of it. They could definitely become one of my favourite fish to catch. Also very interesting tweaking a fly through submerged branches without getting snagged. All in all, a fun and educational time.

There should of course be an SLTV this week, but it's really hard to keep up with things at the moment. I'm blaming the cycle ride. After four months of cycling with fishing only one or two days a week it's made me fish-crazy again...


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