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Ronan's report

Saturday September 29th 2012

Autumn is probably my favourite time of year, landscapes are changing fast, and they are beautiful in change, fishing is good and temperature suits me better that summer.

I had planned to spend most of my fishing time fishing for pike, but plans are made to be changes - just like the landscapes. I have had a really poor salmon/seatrout season, which is a bit odd, because the season as such has been pretty good. I haven't fished as much this year as I usually do (I thought I had, but a quick look in the diary revealed fewer trips than I thought).

The rivers are flooding from a lot of rain this early autumn, and fishing is really good right now, and in fact, I think next week will be awesome. LOADS of rain this week, a full moon tomorrow and dropping water levels means that the pike are left alone, and that I need to save my salmon/seatrout season!

I was out Thursday in really high water, but OK conditions and caught nothing (I make the excuse that it was a short trip :-). A slight "I-really-can't-find-the-autumn-fly-I-really-believe-in"-crisis occurred, so I compensated with a little fly-tying-material-shopping (some opossum skin dyed yellow and red, some drainer-discs and some rubber legs from Danish FutureFly and some 4mm tungsten tubes. Or maybe I need to tie some more of the flies in today's (reused) PoD - these are some I sent to Matt a long time ago.

The tungsten tubes are really great - they sink the fly deep and that means that I can in most cases fish a type 3/4 sinker rather than a type 5/6 and that keeps the line clear from the weed in the river. You will of course get lots of snags, but you'd be amazed at how much difference it makes just to fish a single hook behind a tube fly. In 8 out of 10 snags, I can simply leave it to the current to slowly pull the fly free and keep fishing (maybe a sharp pull is needed) where are double or a treble, which most people use, is stuck so hard you need to retrieve the line to pull it free. And of course, the salmon and sea trout appreciate the single hook as well :-).

Speaking of single hooks for tubes, Partridge has released The Patriot Nordic Tube Single, which is just perfect. If you fish tubes and singles, try it - it's good!

Have a great weekend!


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