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Ronan's report

Saturday October 4th, 2014

Are you the type who always brings a spare rod - or have you never broken a rod, and hence never considered it?

I always bring a spare rod - not that I've broken many (2 or 3 I think), but I just hate the thought of cancelling a fishing trip due to a broken rod. I think my nearest fishing water is somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes by car, so it would be a pain to go back for another rod. And I don't get out every other day - if I did, I would probably care less about a cancelled trip.

I very rarely bring "another 6-wt". For instance, when I fish the salt, I fish a 5- or a 6-wt, and the spare rod is an 8-wt, which also allows me to change gear and tactics if I suddenly wish to fish really big flies, or if the wind behaves differently than I expected.

Most of the time, I leave the spare rod in the car, unless I'm walking a long distance, and if I am, I just tie to the side of my backpack (no tube) or even stick the rod and the reel in the back pocket of my fishing vest.

The only downside is that when I choose a 6 and an 8, I need another reel for the 8-wt, but it's not that big of a nuisance.

When I fish for seatrout and salmon, I usually bring a 12'6" 7-wt and a 9'6" 7-wt. That covers all types of water I might encounter and gives my options and a spare rod if bad luck strikes.

When I'm in the float tube or the kayak and have the luxury of packing more gear without really having to carry it, I'll usually bring rods, so I can have two rods rigged with different lines. In the float tube when pike- or trout fishing, I'll usually rig one with a floater and one with a relatively fast sinker. When I'm on the coast, I rig one with a floater and another with an intermediate (or a fast sinker, Bernd :-). It's great to have the rod rigged and ready to fish, even though changing shooting heads only takes a matter of minutes. And of course, this also takes care of the spare-rod-problem, so win-win!

Have a great weekend!

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