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Ronan's report

Monday 24th December, 2012

I'm looking forward to starting another adventure. Something I've come to accept in travelling, from long experience in the matter, is that I will almost certainly be broke and hungry at some point, and I'll end up in strange situations, parked up in swamps, sleeping in woods, being chased by tigers - this is all part of the adventure. This trip may be a little different because for the first time ever I may actually be able to live to my means, but that's unlikely to stop me parking in swamps, living in forests or being chased by tigers. "Travel" for me, does not mean staying in a hotel or being tied to an itinerary.

What I like the most about travelling is that I can follow a series of opportunities, or "coincidences", depending on how you perceive the world. In normal life it's hard to do this because there are commitments - to work, family or pets - but in travelling, when life presents an opportunity your way, then you have a choice, to accept it and see where it takes you, or to decline it, and because there is no plan, no map to be followed, no end-game in sight, that choice becomes decided by the feel of the moment or even just a desire to change the backdrop. That's highly addictive stuff - as you may know it too - and once tasted extremely difficult to let go. Every day while travelling becomes an adventure, a new start, and throw a flyrod into the equation, and well, I guess you end up with someone like me.

Sometimes I like to take all opportunities presented and see where it takes me. But only ever the immediate ones; I do have one "anchor point" next year, which should see me back through Europe mid-March for an AAPGAI examination weekend. Between now and then, all I know is that I'm packed for Giant Snakehead/Mugwai and Saltwater (8 and 10 weights), I have camping and cooking gear, a full fly-tying kit, a smart shirt and shorts combination for teaching, three small video cameras, a laptop and smart phone, three white Instructor rods and one Pro, running shoes, a hell of a lot of flylines... and no underpants. Perfect!

I have a couple of weeks to explore Zanzibar on the way through. I don't know very much about this destination, apart from a quick Internet search which revealed that the flats may be fished-out! I sincerely hope this is not the case! My only other commitment is to get back hard into training for another Ironman next summer. And of course, to learn the bloody Hungarian language!

Thanks Will, for a outstanding Century Run of truly inspirational and thought-provoking Front Pages. I've enjoyed every one! I look forward to your return, whenever that may be :)))

Have a fantastic Christmas all! Hope to meet you on the water somewhere next year (although preferably not all at the same time).


PS our white Instructor 6s look amazing. But I think we're about to be sold out before we've put them in the cart! I have Number 4, Lars.

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