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Ronan's report

Friday 29th July, 2011

I once was a tech for a mid level American Defense Company working in Canada on a Billion Dollar Project. This is as technical as I want to get now!

My last fishing trip was a success and a failure all in the one trip! I lost over six feet of fish in an hour. I will say it this way I lost 3 fish, whose total length equaled over 6 feet. I was laughing like a mad man, no cursing at all, I was just bettered by the fish and that is OK I lost one big streamer, my leader/tippet had a “pig curl” in it, I think that means my knot came undone. I tied a knot on a bare hook several times until I got the result I was looking for the Pig tail.

This is as scientific as I get. Please check out my POD to see what I mean, I have seen my knot like this several times and most always it means a lost fly...

But of course I am glad when some fish get away..

I was glad when one fish got away.

There just wasn't room in the boat for both of us!

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