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Ronan's report

Friday June 2th, 2006

I have been practicing my casting like a mad thing this week. I’ve cast long and short and then long again. I’ve been through the wiggle cast, parachute cast, reach cast and pretty much every other cast in Carlos’ brilliant section. I have pulled, pushed, punched, whumped, walloped, swished, flicked, bounced and battered my poor 5 weight in every conceivable way. I have cast until it hurt, literally!

So what has it done to my casting?

It has rendered it absolutely………………………. Fantastic!!!!

HA! Frumpy? No it’s the new and improved happier than ever me. 25% more guaranteed. More zip, more energy, more casting, more creative ways of using the English language, more buck and more bang for it, and more confused Germans than any website can handle.

Lars was lying yesterday, everybody is a having a much better time than that, he just doesn’t want you to know the truth. We are leading the world in terms everything, not just flyfishing, everything. Ha! We invented sex, drugs and rock and roll just for when the fish aren’t biting.

Lars is in fact a Porn star. You may have seen him in such features as, Thor fixes the fridge, Me and my spade, and Digging up Debby. They don’t call him Lars ‘the donkey’ Bentsen for nothing. He has 76 children to date and is expecting another thirteen by next week.

More exciting revelations next time, including how Carlos became the king of Spain.


PS Sorry about the lack of links, I'm on a new email client and it is crap, no formatting or any options for links. It won't let me go through outlook express either, stupid bloody thing!! - So Paul added a couple.. :)

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