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Ronan's report

Sunday August 9th, 2009

Sorry for the late FP! Couple cups of coffee in and figured I knew what day it was but I've been wrong before! Could use an extra day this weekend anyway so two Saturdays seems alright.

Some days out you really want to catch a fish on a dry or maybe a streamer. Could be you have a new fly to try or rod or line. Maybe more than that try some special or new technique, upstream nymph through that run. Figure it's time to pull out the Viking plunder roll cast that's been rumored to deliver that bomb into the tree covered sweep on that far bank. The report might be saying the usual, but not today! You're going to do my own thing!

For whatever reason, you're stretching out away from the sure thing or what you've learned or guess will work best. This is how things somtimes go for folk that fish the same water regularly. Mix it up. Keep it fresh! The sure thing becomes the fall back, proof that the fish didn't vanish into the 12th dimension. Around here this time of year, the sure thing is usually nymphing, probably a PMD nymph with a small caddis pupa.

A friend and I floated out early yesterday and double armed ourselves. The backup rods were setup on the sure thing but our primary "please let it be this kind of day" rods were 6wt's and BIG streamers. Barrett had his monster bird fur articulated Galloup inspired beast on a sink tip; I had clipped head bunny on a shooting head. Should mention that this was the first outing fomr my new a TCX 691. Really like the soft tip on this, starts the loading really smooth and comes back straight and solid; the strong mid section doesn't lurch when lifting sinkline and a drowned fly.

We hammered on with the streamers as the light came up, the fog burned off and through the morning without a take or even moving a fish (toward the fly) as far as we could tell, but all too soon it was high blue skies and sunny. We both shifted to the sure thing, got the line tight a few times a piece, and pulled out as the real heat of the day came on. Great day out, but oh did I want to hook on that streamer!


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