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Ronan's report

Wednesday 17 September, 2014

25 years ago I started travelling down a list I made at that time. On that list I put all places, which I thought should be worth to fly fish as well as all species of fish I should fly fish for. Then I thought one day I would have find a place, where I would want to live. A place, which would offer the best fly fishing possibilties as well as simply making me feel home.

Today I have fished most of the places and caught most of the species of fish on that old list. But still I yet haven't find the one place, which really made me fully happy. Some places were special though.

Fishing down the Florida Keys was fantastic. Lots of different species of fish like Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Barracuda, Snook, Redfish, Spotted Sea trout, Sailfish, Dolphins and more. Great people and a nice infra structure. But the problem is the fishing is no longer like it used to be 20 years ago. Instead Bonefish are almost gone for example and also the Keys are crowded by (I think) too many boats and maybe too many anglers either.

Fishing Montana was fantastic. Very nice people and they all seem to fly fish or at least know something about it. And then there are a hell lot of great trout waters. Almost paradise for trout fishermen. Almost, because those sea running species like Steelhead, Sea trout and others aren't available there. Besides Montana offers fantastic fly fishing I would always miss the sea running ones.

British Columbia offered a fantastic nature and wildlife as well as great Steelhead fishing to me. Also there were many very friendly people whom I met. Had a fantastic time fly fishing the Skeena system. But then again the winter is looong and cold in BC. Yes, I'd love to fish for Winter Steelhead. But am also getting older and start to prefer the warmer waters. :)

Norway in summertime offered me an unforgettable fishing for about 20 years in a row. Atlantic salmon, Grayling, Brown trout, Char, Pike, Cod, Pollack and more. Great nature and fantastic rivers as well as beautiful fjords. But then again in wintertime I might get depressed by such short or no sun light during the days.

And then there is Germany, where I live right now. Germany? Yes, Germany. It offers a fantastic fly fishing for Sea trout in the Baltic sea. We have rivers to fish for Sea trout and some Atlantic salmon as well. We have great fishing for pike, pike perch and perch. We have fantastic fishing for Asp. We have river fishing for Brown trout and lake fishing for Rainbow trout and char (stocked ones). But still I am missing Norway in the summertime. And I am missing the Florida Keys in May. And I am missing BC in Autumn.

I can't remember exactly when I was in my house the last time. Must have been about a month and a half ago maybe. The past 8 years now it was like that. There were years in which I was around my house no more than 20 days a year. The rest I was somewhere else searching for fish and enjoying the world of fly fishing.

This year again we have been very busy teaching fly fishing. Not a single week in which we didn't have at least a day teaching someone how to fly fish or fly cast. Yes, I agree to be a very hapy man. Fly fishing is all around me and I couldn't think of any better!

But still am searching for this one place, in which I never would want to leave again.

I have New Zealand, Australia, Patagonia, Iceland and Kamchatka left on my old list. Maybe? But to be honest I think it won't be any of those places either. Maybe the only place it can be for me is the whole world.

What do you think? Are you living in one place, that keeps you fully happy without feeling a consistant need to travel to other places during each season?

All my best


p.s.: Had a great rest of the week fishing for Sea trout along the Danish Baltic coast last week. You may find some pictures in the pic of the day section.

p.s.s.: Paul, I think am currently (slightly) leading in the number of fishing days this year? You better keep up, mate. ;) How was Hungarian (Sexyloops) weekend???

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