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Ronan's report

Tuesday November 7th, 2006

At the moment Marc Petitjean is at the table behind me concocting a set of flies for the Auction - Lakeland Nigel has just put up a Whiting cape - several first class fly tyers have offered flies for auction - details will be posted soon.

BFFI this weekend was fun and frustrating. As usual the standard of fly-tying was exceptional - Bob and Paul would hate it. All sorts of tying was there: suggestive, representational, imitative, traditional. To my eye the gob-smacking tour-de-force in tying are super-realistic and classic salmon. I tie neither - I admire the passion and ambition of both.

The owners of the venue for BFFI decided to dig up every open space within walking distance of the exhibition hall and cover the remained with rubble and gravel. So, casting was limited to say the least. Despite a roll of polythene sheeting, as an exhibition of casting the results were somewhere between sad and laughable. Reluctantly the casting competitions were cancelled. Mike, Ben, Jon, Trev, a haul of AAPGAI instructors and a few visitors to the show did get out and cast. They tried - you have to admire that.

Later, in an alcohol fuelled discussion, I found myself hearing that same old nonsense - “Casting is just a minor part of the sport…just showing off…real casting is just about presenting the fly...the fish I catch are at most 20 yards from me.” Moments later the same voice sounded far more satisfied when saying ”The tying at BFFI was of the very highest standard.” We've recently heard similar on the board.

Really! Who cares? I go to see top class tying and extreme casting (be it extreme distance casting or accurate presentation casts or spectacular Spey casting) to see beyond my limits, to see what's possible..

More important - I now have a box of seven Marc Petitjean flies for the auction.


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