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Ronan's report

Saturday, 14th March 2009

Continueing on the same theme as last week, I'm still tying flies. I even washed some more rabbitstrips - this time chartreuse and orange :-)

I got an order for some flies from a friend visiting River Dee, so I'm tying spey flies, which happen to coincide nicely with an invitation I got myself!

It seems like I have finally achieved status of International Flyfishing Superstar :-). Well, not likely, but none the less I got an invitation to fish the opening of a very famous salmonriver in Southern Sweden - the Mörrum!

The Mörrum is an interesting place and a beautiful forest-clad river, and I really look forward to the event. It doesn't detract from the whole thing that I've had to order a new rod (a 15' DHD) as backup for my less potent 13' DHD!

Right, back to the flies - in a minute that is, because first let me issue a warning: DON'T tie flies in fleece :-). After 10 flies you'll end up looking like a X-mas tree, and on the orders of my better half, I've just had to vacuum-clean myself in order to get permission to stand up and walk in to sit at the computer :-).

So Michael's visit to the Dee of course set me off on some spey-flies as seen in the PoD. Michael has some specific orders, but these are extras and after tying the variation of the now almost classic Thunder Spey by Michael Frödin (not the same Michael), I began thinking in steelhead colors again, and I'm pretty sure Matt could have used the Purple Thunder Spey here!

The good thing about Michael's order is that I can simply tie two sets and use the second set myself in Mörrum - very appropriate, as Mörrum runs with a peaty stain and orange/brown colors are good choices over there!

Battery is running low and the powersupply is buried in a heap of tying materials, so I'll sign off here - have a great weekend!


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