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Ronan's report

November 17th, 2006

Since I've been given a pink truck, I may as well use it - thanks Deano. It's certainly an interesting way of meeting new people...
"Is that your pink truck?"
"Not the pink bits; they're Deano's."
"Who's Deano?"
"Just some bastard I know."

So anyway, I'm on the road. Camped with Bumcast and Ronan last night. Ronan and Joe (his father) are wandering around a lake at the moment, and I'm about to follow them, picking up all the fish they've missed. This is an interesting little lake; caught a nice five and a half pound brown here last year, on an emerger. But I won't be doing that today (probably) since it's really cold and wet... in fact here's a fishing report: all the South Island rivers are flooded.

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You may already know Jackie from Fly Fishing and FlyTying magazine - she's been managing their advertising for the previous decade. If you didn't already know, Bob is a regular contributor and Magnum is their product reviewer. I wrote for them for around five years; a superb magazine and the one I read.

I can't write any more, my spare battery is playing up...

Tomorrow: Eric the Rock.


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