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Ronan's report

Saturday July 15th, 2006

Davy and Mike have laid it down on the board in a post about wet fly fishing. From the lines and rods, to the fly team (cast), to flies, to the detection (use the force Luke); it's enough to get your mind racing.

Mooned! Carl (Bumcast) has snuck into the States and mooned us in the process. On the 4rd of July, he says "Examining an anglers fly box is a little like getting a PI to rummage through their garbage." Then this week he goes and drops his drawers right in front of everyone! I guess it's his nymph box. I don't think he's taking this trip very seriously because he didn't even fill it up. If you look, there's a little room remaining on the right half, 2nd row from the bottom, left hand side. Carl, maybe you should tie up a couple bead-heads for that spot.

For the rest of you on the way to the Montana area, read this and get some of this. Don't let the snails hitchhike. They don't chip in on gas, won't buy beer, and don't share their seal fur.


p.s. Thanks to Andrew for a fine couple days of fishing and not being a crazy nutter.

p.p.s. Word from our African correspondent "Started with lots of fish and tapered off to mostly big fish." Bummer Gerhard!

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