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Ronan's report

Friday 27th July, 2012

The World Championships in Flycasting with Fishing Tackle are in one month. I haven't started training for that; I start Monday. The Hungarian Ironman is tomorrow; I've been training for that for the last seven months. Exciting stuff and never a dull moment in life.

My training for the Ironman involved 20-30Km runs in 35 degree heat, cycling half way around Australia, swimming a couple of strokes in Lake Gyekenyes and weight training. Most days, especially recently, I've either been swimming and running, or running and cycling, or cycling and swimming.

My training for the World's will be different. I will take my boat and sail around Lake Balaton for at least two weeks. I will drink copious amounts of wine, smoke enormous cigars, cast for the occasional rising Asp and meet girls.

Is it any wonder that Flycasting is not an Olympic Sport, yet Triathlon is? If flycasting does ever reach the Olympics then I'm quite sure we'll be thrown out immediately after! I'm considering wearing lycra in Norway however but I won't be shaving my legs tonight.


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Luck versus Skill

How often have you been told that you are so lucky to have caught such a big fish, or you are so lucky that you have caught so many fish? I have pondered over this question over many years and have come to the following conclusion: Fishing is not luck, it is skill.

This belief was cemented by my involvement in competitive flyfishing at a National level in South Africa. Why was it that the same anglers performed consistently well over many years of competition? To me it was obvious that they could not be running on luck for years on end, but that their skill played a massive part in their consistent good performance. So the bottom line is that to be a good angler, you need a lot of skill.

What exactly is this skill?? In my opinion, skill is knowing what equipment, flies and tactics to use to be successful in the given circumstances. It's not just knowing, but how quickly can you adapt to the surrounding fishing conditions - that will lead to your success. Naturally, you would have a sufficient number of tactics and techniques in your arsenal that you can work through efficiently to give you successful results.

If fishing is skill, then where does luck come in? In my opinion again, fishing is 90% skill and 10% luck. Skill will guide us in terms of what techniques and tactics to use for the given conditions so that we can present a fly in the right place at the right time, expecting a fish to be in that spot. Luck comes in where we cannot always anticipate the size of the fish in that spot. This works the same for saltwater and freshwater, although in freshwater it can be a lot more predictable, especially in rivers and considering the best lies of fish as well as dominance of larger fish in river systems.

So the next time you are told, you are sooooo lucky, just "smile and wave boys, smile and wave", knowing full well that you have worked for that fish and deserve it completely!


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