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Ronan's report

Wednesday 17th April, 2013

Bernd can't get online today, so I'm picking up the page. Ti covered for me on Monday, having delivered a late page on Thursday, just prior to his fishing trip, when I covered for him. No one covered for Akos on Sunday. This is Sexyloops and it's very exciting.

Sexyloops will be 15 years old this coming September. Wow. We're thinking of a complete overhaul, but trying to map the thing may be an impossibility - I like to think so. Akos recently informed me that he didn't even know there was a flytying section! We are after all a "minefield of information"!

So just to catch up here, I went fishing with the Croatian boys and Schneska on Saturday to the canal which is only about 10Ks from Latohegy as the cormorant flies, but about an hour in the car because you need to find a border crossing (they spent 20 minutes studying my passport leading me to think I need a new one that isn't almost completely full).

The Canal this year has been heavily stocked with tiny rainbows and all the big browns have gone - undoubtedly poached - and it used to have a few very nice browns indeed, in the 5-8lb class. That's a great shame because when I first visited the fishery four years ago it was excellent.

This week Peter and I will visit the Gacka River, which apparently although very high, is fishing well (if you like Gacka Brown trout, which I most certainly do).

I've been testing the latest Hot Torpedo 8 weight prototype extensively, with different line profiles and casting against other 8-weight rods and even though I say so myself, we have an absolute blinder of a rod. Sasha said it "feels like casting a six weight". It's comfortable with all line lengths, and while it's fast, it's not so stiff in the tip that you'll miss fish and the loop integrity is outstanding. Basically it has the Hot Torpedo Soul. Alejandro says it's the best 8 weight he's produced and I can see why. So this should be coming to you quite soon!

Our Sexyloops Flycasting App is in the final stages of approval with Apple. Three hours of video content made for your iPhone/tablet/android so you can learn casts in the field, there and then, and not try to remember what you watched on the TV indoors. This deserves an FP in itself! And we have a very clever idea which I'm working on at the moment...

I think once again we will soon be out of the White Hot Torpedo Instructor rod, while we wait for new arrivals (takes about 1-2 weeks). These are selling extremely well! We have a fantastic Instructor/Guide scheme in place too, so if you're a certified instructor or professional guide then please drop either Akos or I an email and we can put you on the program.

Have a great day!


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