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Ronan's report

Tuesday 12 February, 2013

Even in the chill of winter there are places close by to fish for trout. But sometimes you need to travel a little farther to get a "better" fix.

A few hours drive south of here puts you at the north end of Montana's trout country, specifically the Missouri River, which has got to be one of the most stable and productive rivers in the world. There are trout everywhere in it!

This past weekend saw a trip down to the town of Craig to partake in a Two-Handed Casting Clinic being put on by the Headhunters Flyshop.

I am far from an accomplished single handed caster, let alone able to swing a two-handed rod. With a nervous trepidation, I stepped into a cabin full of anglers and proceeded to listen to a short discourse on different types of lines and rods. From there it was to the river with a assortment of different sized two-handed and switch rods.

It is hard to compare the beauty of a well executed cast dancing in the air and on the water. "Spey" is the ballet of casts. The line gracefully arcs through the air and kisses the water surface. The water holds on for a brief moment but the call of the sky is too much and the line is sent again soaring through air.

When I cast, it resembles a one legged chicken standing on a rolling wheel trying to pick caterpillars off passing leaves.

After a couple hours with some of the talented folks in Craig, I wasn't hooking myself and could put a fly somewhat in the direction I wanted. A big big thanks to the folks for putting up with a poor casting Canuck!

Despite the rising fish and thousands of midge on the surface of the Missouri, I had to head north to beat the incoming snow storm.

With this new casting skill in my quiver, I will be even more of a terror to the trout of Alberta... And I will be back to fish that might river in Montana.

Until next time,

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