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Ronan's report

Saturday August 19th, 2006

I've dropped my beer 3 times tonight.

Is this serious?

Damn right it is! What are you fucking new?

New article on wrist/hand numbness and carpal tunnel syndrome from Gary this week. Losing My Grip : Lost My Touch. It's part of the Sexyloops good health and clean living section. "Early to bed; early to rise" Paul always says. He's a role model you know.

Speaking of manshit, from the looks of yesterday's page, Ben' turned plushie on us and developed a fondness for bears. Not grizzly bears which Tonio will inform you can be thwarted by a thin fabric tent, but soft cuddly bears. I think Ben's eye has lost its twinkle for tying.

On to other manshit. I've just entered into a 2-week beard growing bet with some friends, so we might as well do one here too. Shave today (that means the soulpatch too Paul, not just your head). At the end of 2 weeks, the best beard will win... something. I'll talk Glenda or Tina into being the judge. Maybe worst beard should get something too. We're very good about official rules here. It could happen!

Speaking of happening, here's a link to Carlos's section since finding stuff around here can be a bigger adventure than expected.


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