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Ronan's report

Monday 8th March, 2010

Finally! SLTV is back on schedule. We have three more shows in the wings now, including some fantastic fishing, a hardcore backcountry trip AND Chris and Amy's wedding!

This week's show takes us back to Tasmania, fishing for Tailers with Hair on Mystery Lake F. At Sexyloops it's all happening again!

Here in NZ the fish are BIG, having been a mouse year... finally! I've never seen so many exceptional fish. Ronan picked up his first double this week (lucky barstool) and I'm still looking for mine. Ten and a half to beat!

Right, here are some dates for your diary. In Cressy, Tasmania, I'll be at Peter Hayes' conclave on the 17/18/19th April. On the 24/25th I'm giving an instructors' workshop in Latohegy/Gyekenyes, Hungary. 7/8/9th May we'll have the Sexyloops Scottish Meet, where there will also be FFF testing. 15/16th we'll be testing in Hungary. Busy times ahead!!

If you're interested in Peter's Conclave check Peter's website here. If you're interested in either of the testing dates or workshops then please email me and you can book online with the FFF here.

Have a great week!


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