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Ronan's report

Sunday August 5th, 2007

Sunday is really Bob's slot, as you know, but I think he's out of reach of a connection. He indicated that earlier, and while you may think that we try to keep track and plan ahead a little, we don't (OK, you knew that if you've been here before :-).

I believe Bob's in Canada still, may even still hanging out with his family and if they're lucky enough, Paul and Eric will have joined them, or if they're even luckier, Paul and Eric have left by now - depends on wheter Paul washed his socks or not :-).

If you're new to this site, stop and think twice - you haven't reached The Point of No Return Yet - or if you're in for a little Enlightenment, then check this out!

The Definite and Point of No Return of all Point of No Returns is here, but don't say I didn't warn you - it's a crazy place!

If you came looking for cool camo-clothing, we can help you! The Sexyloops Mozzie Hoodie (I'm not really sure what it's real name is) is catching on World Wide - last customer was Margeret Thatcher! George Bush tried to buy one, but he's already got a sock, so we didn't send him one!

Finally, if you're new and managed to get through all of the above babble, check out the Contents-page, where a little of our content has been indexed!

Beware and enjoy!

Viking Lars


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