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Ronan's report

Monday April 14th, 2008

Over here, the high has finally settled in, for the moment at least, and the sun is coaxing the snow into all those creekbeds. Beautiful, cold and cloudy little strands are feeding into the river pushing it up into the bare willows. The trap has sprung so I've been stalking the shorelines, all that I can reach without tangling without serious mud and slush are mostly iced-off.

The winter cutthroat playground is cracking as anglers keen for an easy mark are pounding the shore and pulling in rediculous numbers even with increased regulations. Hordes of clubs are coming in from all over to get their piece of the action. The fish are rutting in such large pods that they'll nail anything, and the favored method is to hang any manner of nymph under an indicator in their path. They don't spook, and I'm not sure that they're actually feeding. Maybe I over did it during the winter, maybe it doesn't seem sporting, maybe it's lost its challenge but I can't bear to go out there right now. Bottom line is the fish aren't behaving like fish, and there's something wrong with preying on them in the state they're in.

So I found myself on the broad muddy shoreline of a nearby reservoir. There's a little too much shore compared to the amount of snow thats left. Pulling a page from Paul's stillwater book, I found a nice warmer downwind bay and sunk some wetflies out past the mudline. Worked well enough, and I managed a handful of silver bars with an equal number lost or missed. I used to fear bank fishing and until I feel that first bite I've still got some skepticism, but there's a kernel of confidence growing that I intend to nurture. Plus there's a hell of a lot of empty water out there away from the river crowds.

Cheers, Eric

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