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Ronan's report

Wednesday 5th October, 2011

I'm not 100% sure that I managed to make Monday's page live or not, but if not you can check it out now. Trevor is on a plane to NZ so I'm filling in for him. It's been a good day, caught two decent size asp on a rabbit cat's whisker and a third missed a gurgler. And then Peter caught a small one and shot a pig while duck hunting at sunset!

Of course I still have an immense list of jobs that need doing at Latohegy, but the weather is too good to be working when I can be fishing and it's great to be catching fish even if I haven't varnished the bloody boat yet!

The Drava has been quite a revelation this year. When I bought Latohegy I was taking a bit of a fishing gamble. For the last two years we've been bank fishing and it's been pretty ineffective. I was hoping that we'd find a way to float the river, which is what we're doing now. Best of all the fishing tactics are reasonably small streamers presented in the way you would fish for trout. Fish will come up and eat the big flies, but they're easier to hook on smaller patterns and I much prefer swinging flies through seams than stripping!

There's some other interesting stuff to be found down there as well. One of the backwaters at the bottom of the hill contains large carp, two of which I saw (but didn't catch) tonight. These fish can be twenty kilos plus, and would no doubt destroy my gear - but that just adds to the excitement. And there are also catfish bigger than a man, but I haven't figured out how to catch these yet - it may involve night fishing.

Curiously we haven't hooked any pike, which I find surprising considering the methods we're using. Anyway it's all good news because I'm fishing with confidence now and Peter has bacon sandwiches for the next two months.


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