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Ronan's report

Wednesday 26th March, 2008

Everyone remembers their first time.


I know I do. So does my buddy Brian. He's a trout guy from Montana, and a fairly recent addition to the club of flyfishing addicts. He caught his first bonefish last week on a do-it-yourself trip to Mystery Island X. This is the first hand account, which I found in my email in-box this morning.


The flats were awesome. I greatly enjoyed my time out there. The best part was that it was right by the house. I could be on the water chasing fish anytime I chose. It was fantastic, plus, I really liked that type of fishing, more like hunting really with the thrill of the chase. Those damn things [bonefish] are tough to catch though for a guy like me, with no prior experience, no guide, and moderate casting skills. I probably spent close to 40 hours out there, with only one bonefish to my name. I can’t even explain how happy I was when I hooked up and landed that fish; a prized catch for sure. It wasn’t a huge one, probably around 22”, but it was so cool when it hooked up, it was like an explosion, never seen anything like it. Plus, the way it went down was sweet. Lone fish, out probably 70’-80’. I saw it flash it's side. The sun was about 30 minutes from setting and at my back, so I had a huge shadow. I stalk up to about 50’ away, make a cast, it’s spooked by my shadow, but doesn’t bolt away. I move 10’ to the side and cast again; strip, strip, strip, WHAM! Then it was on like Donkey Kong. The little barstool ran right toward me. I was like, ah shit, don’t spit out that hook; but I reeled like a mad man, and got some tension back on him. Ran again, tired out, reeled in and released. I was so proud, dude.


Proud, and rightly so. If you know the feeling, take a moment to think back. If you don't know that feeling, better get yourself an 8wt and some plane tickets.


PS - If you haven't lately, you'd better check out the new and improved Board. The Fly Tying Forum is red hot right now with threads on palmered wets, counting wraps, Klinkhammers, tarpon flies, Danish sea trout patterns, and much more. Plus, we've just launched a new Forum dedicated to Fishing Photography, moderated by JanMan.

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