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Happy Christmas


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Ronan's report

Monday December 25th, 2006

Happy Christmas from everyone and to everyone at Sexyloops!!

Christmas Art from Ronan

Hope you eat too much, drink too much and have too much sex. We're going fishing (of course) and then hooking up with Bumcast and Jeanie for the customary Christmas flytying celebrations. Sture celebrated Christmas yesterday, because in Europe they do that. However I'll be celebrating today, along with everyone else.

Now just a short note: remember that this was the birthday of Jesus, God's only son. It's a pity that Jesus wasn't born in these modern times. We could do with someone like that on the rivers now. He was a bit of an anarchist, overturning tables and fighting the good fight. Maybe God could send another son, or a daughter this time. I think that would be a good idea. Deano is looking a little bit like Jesus at the moment, he's growing his hair and has a beard. I think that's where the similarity stops however.

Have a blast and live life like you mean it.


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