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Ronan's report

Tuesday 13th April, 2010

You've got me again today, so that's exciting. I'm based at Peter Hayes' place here in Tasmania this week. Casting, fishing, tying, exchanging ideas and making new friends. I probably cast for about 8 hours today - which I haven't done in a long while, and it's been great. I've been working on the dynamic V-loops and delivery on the Switch and Single Spey - by combining Lee Cummings' pull down during the backcast and the cradle grip on the forward stroke I reckon I've gained over five yards. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about - and you won't if you didn't attend the Scottish Meet last year - then ask Lee about it on the Board!

Also I've been working on my distance - six months of just fishing and very little casting practise, apart from a couple of days with Haysie and a little bit in Darwin, has been fantastic, but only fishing doesn't keep your casting tuned up. I've often said that if you're serious about casting then it's important to take breaks when you hit an imaginary wall - every time you come back to it, you're not throwing the big ones, but pretty quickly you pass where you left off. And this time has been no exception. There are not many feelings better than hitting your best cast - not for me anyway.

Last month I managed to break my third finger, rolling off a rock on Mystery River X - my key finger for the rotation on the cradle grip - and I was a bit worried that this would affect my distance, and it has... it's better!!! Don't ask my why! It could be the secret to distance casting...

So anyway, over on the Board, Bruce Richards is in Munich next weekend giving a casting clinic - you want to be there for that! Congratulations Lee. Congratulations Ben! Here's an interesting discussion on the MCI exam. And finally I think this will turn into an interesting discussion on competition leaders. It's all about to happen...


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