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Ronan's report

Tuesday 10th May, 2011

Well, I'm off to spend a week at a coal mine... yippee?!?
On a good note, there is a chance of finding some arctic grayling up there, and if that fails targeting some small creek browns. My hope is that the roads over the northern mountain passes are clear enough for me to get through without snow chains on my truck tires.

Last week I was in one of our beautiful national parks. Tucked in the farthest southwestern part of our province, this park is a brilliant place where the flat prairie landscape goes right up to the base of the mountains. It is one of the internationally recognized UNESCO World Heritage Sites and if you get a chance to spend time there, you'll understand why.

From an angler's perspective, the park is a little different. A hundred years of human occupation and grooming make for a very "cut to fit" place. The backcountry is still wild, but the townsite and creeks in it have a distinct urban park feel. And for some reason, park staff still believe that rivers should be straight and armoured with rock-filled wire baskets to protect tourists from floods.

I say free the rivers... it is an ecological preserve, and that should mean more than just "no hunting". Of all the places in Canada, these are the places where the rivers should run free.
Some day maybe the rivers in this beautiful National Park won't be trapped under so much wire. Until then we will never learn what the true beauty is.

Still picking those first ticks of the season out of my hat...

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