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Ronan's report

Sunday June 24th, 2007

Wishing is what Rich Knoles calls that helpless state you sometimes find yourself in when you could be fishing but aren't. I've just spent twelve days in Italy and on the day before I leave for Scotland I discover a trout stream! Mag and I hopped on a bus to see the country north of the town we were staying in and within a half hour we were crossing a decent sized river. It was running fast and a clear green colour. It was about the size of the upper Elk in the BC Kootenays. It was in a semi-industrial area, and probably polluted or something, so I just thought "What a shame, that might once have been a decent trout river".

A half hour later we pulled into another fairly big town, a city really, with another bridge over the same river. Up there it's big and deep, with some large weirs across it, but looks even cleaner. I checked the map and saw that a road ran upstream all the way to its headwaters. We hopped another local buss that took us up that road, right beside the river and running through a couple of beautiful mountain towns. The river up there looks really good. Beautiful runs, rapids and pools. I reckoned it had to hold fish of some sort, and wished I'd taken a closer look at the map earlier in the trip. This looked really interesting. The bus route ended up at a little mountain village and the bus wasn't returning that day, so we had to grab the last connecting bus over the mountains, back to the town where we were staying.

It turned out that the bus driver was an Australian that had been living in the mountains here for thirty years, and spoke perfect English (well, you know, for an Aussie). Anyway I asked him about the river and if it had any fish in it. He said well, hell yes, it was famous for trout fishing! I'd never heard of it before, so he must have meant famous in a non-internet/magazine kind of way. I could have wept. I had all my tackle back in my hotel room.

What a find! The area is spectacular, with serous mountains, terrific little Italian mountain towns and fabulous Italian food, and you know what those Italian girls look like (good). The river is big enough to spend a week or so exploring. I didn't see a single angler. I'll be back.


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