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Ronan's report

Monday 2nd April, 2007

Mad weekend, last week in New Zealand...

Today we've launched some exciting new Sexyloops gear in our store, including by popular request, Fleece Pants. These pants have pockets made to order, you can add rear pockets, hand pockets, side pockets, boot cut zips - available in any colour so long as it's olive.

Also, we have a kick-ass Hoodie. Funky streetwear meets backcountry stealthwear with a concealed mozzie/sandfly proof face mesh. More products in development bringing you the cutting edge in Flyfishing clothing. Check this out.

And yes we can make to measure... contact

What else? The Man and His Fish is finished. This is a short 12 minute clip Stuntman Ronan and I took a couple of months ago. I've turning it into a Sexyloops film. You'll love it. It's the best 12minutes flyfishing out there.

Finally this week's topic is: is Deano Jesus?


PS Almost forgot! I have a bunch of e-Flies and Zipdots to review. This month's Snapcast is due out soon. Have you subscribed yet?

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