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Ronan's report

Tuesday 16th August, 2011

A new toy hit my driveway this week and after a 700km long test drive, I'm pretty happy with the choice. Last week on a whim (after 5 years of thinking), my wife and I picked up an old diesel Land Cruiser. While they are common everywhere else in the world, they have to be imported into Canada after they are at least 15 years old. For the last few years we have only had one car for our household, and while that was fine most of the time, it was getting to be a struggle to disappear to a river with it for more than a couple of days at a time. The new addition will make it easy to get away.

Now, I'm not one who likes to drive off-road to get as close as I can to the fish. I much prefer to walk a mile and fish without the sound of engines and the smell of oil, but I have to say, having confidence that you will make it to and from a creek is a nice thing! The truck was christened driving to a little tributary of a little tributary that teemed with brook trout. Most of the brook trout made a size 16 fly look huge, but it was a great time watching them smash floating objects with abandon. Downstream, at the confluence of a bigger river, we met some bigger brookies, monsters compared to the 4 inch trout from earlier.

The latter place was not far enough from the off-highway vehicle crowd- an hour fishing and dozens of ATV's. I will say one thing about that crowd though- providing access isn't always a bad thing. My friend and I were standing beneath a high bank when a quad came up the trail at a good and safe speed. From the quad a girl yelled, "Look they're Fishing!" and the driver stopped. The girl then squealed, "They're Fly Fishing!". The fish gods must have been smiling that day because as she yelled, a nice brook trout rose and took my fly. "He's got a Fish!" The trout splashed around and put up a good fight for his size. When I got him to hand, I cradled him and lifted him for the girl to see. As I glanced to the top of the bank there was an adorable Down Syndrome girl with the brightest smile beaming down on us. She waved from the quad and the driver pulled away. At that moment I loved Alberta's easy access to trout water, despite the oil and noise. Somethings need to be experienced by all.

Anyways, I won't be driving through trout streams, but I will be parked farther out of sight.

See you when I come out of the bush and not before,

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