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Ronan's report

Wednesday 29th February, 2012

These two days are slightly insane for me, my sister is moving residence from one flat to another, buying none, one or two dogs (Alsatians), we have to clean the previous flat, possibly my midday, and I've just discovered mullet...

The mullet live in a hot pool frequented by Germans who arrive on bicycles wearing tin hats. There is a bar on the banks of the pool and I swear that the last time I drank a beer there, two large boobs floated around the pool, in front of me. Quite why two large boobs would do this I can't say, but they did and it was quite exciting.

I'm not sure of the proper cast under the circumstances. Were it a rock, I would recommend simply casting across the obstacle. But boobs..? Possibly a case for the Stack Mend.

I'll try this tomorrow.

Over on the Board, there are many interesting discussions going on from TLT, to education, to the Sayonara Sling. I'll leave you to discover them.

Bet you're pleased that Trev has been dragged out to sea by a Kingfish?


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