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Ronan's report

Saturday December 29th, 2007

The New Year is upon us and this means resolutions! Mine? Enjoy life to the fullest and try to learn something each and every day on the river. I believe we never stop learning in fly-fishing, and those whom I have met who think they know it all are usually pretty crap anyway. Be it a new cast, a new experience or something that just clicks when that light bulb flicks on in the old bean. Hanging out with the people I do new experiences are a daily occurance.

One particular friend has been an eye opener for me. Salt of the Earth and a genuinely great guy. He's taught me how NOT to get shipwrecked on Norfolk Island, how NOT to go about getting oneself electrocuted and blacking out the township of Arrowtown with his left foot and how NOT to ride an escalator. For interest's sake we will call this chap Mr Creane. No, that's too obvious, so we'll just call him Ronan.

More recently I learnt from stuntman Ronan that neoprene gaiters are simply not needed for keeping gravel out of ones boots. Duct tape will do. Last year I learnt from Paul that screws and bolts are simply not needed to hold panels, mirrors or even engine parts secured to ones vehicle. Duct tape will do!

And recently whilst trying to decide how best to brighten up a flyrod for the camera, Guy informed me that intricate painting methods are simply not needed. Duct tape will do!

Where is this ramble going you may ask? I don't know myself really, I'm sitting in the sun at a local pub, if you haven't already guessed, and have been for most of the afternoon, when I received Paul's urgent request for a Frontpage for today. Deadlines love me, and I love Duct tape. Who knew it could solve all of life's problems!

Next week, number 8 wire, that little Kiwi gem!


PS - The wedding date has been set for Feb 21st 2009, maybe in Queenstown or maybe not. All travelling Sexyloopers welcome, as long as someone keeps an eye on the Stuntman. Now THERE'S a commitment Paul ;)

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