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Ronan's report

Thursday 11th February, 2010

Cold winter months and the rivers are typically frozen, with the exception of a few great waters With a local community of fair weather anglers, our fly fishing club has a solution that keeps anglers interested in fly fishing all winter long.

With a little sweet talking, one of our local pups has allowed us to take over a section of tables and tie flies while being served a good amount of alcohol. (I should apologize here for the Sexyloops swap flies tied in the pub... they are fishable, but hard to look at!). Typically we have about 15 guys and gals each with a vise, pounding out flies like mad men. Okay, we each tie a fly then have a couple of pints of Guinness or poison of choice, then tie another fly, then break the thread on a fly, then lose the scissors, then... well you get the point.

Despite the often rowdy behaviour, we do have some excellent folks that come by and give demos on how to tie certain flies. It really is great to see a crowd of people around somebody while he ties a size 18 fly in a dimly lit room. The best part is that every single night that we are there, people will come by to ask what we are doing. It is a great way to get folks into fly fishing.

So whether you are buried in the snows of Washington DC, or your rivers will be frozen for another month, get out with some mates and try tying at a local pub. You’d be surprised at the great response you get!! Does anybody on Sexyloops have a similar deal in their local area?

On the river or at the pub, life is never bad!!

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