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Ronan's report

Tuesday April 24th 2012

This fp is coming a little late as I've been volunteering at the polling stations for the just finished provincial election. While Albertans didn't step up for more environmental protection, they did stay away from the highly regarded (in the polls) ultra right-wing, dig up the oil as fast as possible, step on trout and burn the caribou Wild Rose party. For staying centralist I have a little more faith in denizens of my home province.

Besides political ranting, the province is experiencing a minor heatwave. Temperature reached 30 degrees above freezing this Monday, and that is sending tons of snow into the rivers- runoff has arrived!

With the runoff will come the big stoneflies- salmonflies and golden stones. Skwalas are already out and trout are looking up!

This past weekend, Ray, Ryan, and I, did a sunrise rush to the open stretch on Mystery River Y. The fish weren't looking at the streamers swinging by or the nymphs bouncing past (at least they weren't looking at mine), they were waiting for the big energy packed skwalas to come floating by. Those stonflies easily fall off the emergent boulders and get sent adrift by the fast current.

In one spot a massive boulder sticks just out of the edge of the flow. It looked shallow but Ray had seen big fish there before. Sure enough as we watched, this big snout pops up and takes a stonefly off the side of the rock. Bingo!

Ryan sets up and his stonefly imitation is refused. The next cast set the fly too deep into the woody debris to retrieve.

I step up with a big ugly foam and rubber pattern, twice as big as the natural. A couple of casts bounced of the rockwall and Bang- this massive head comes up and in a few shakes my fly is broken off and spit downstream. The trout sunk to the bottom and only came up for one natural after that.

Dryfly fishing is here!


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