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Ronan's report

Wednesday 31st July, 2013

During the past 25 days I've fished for mullets every single day 8 hours. That's 200 hours fishing in summary and maybe 50 hours studying the reaction of the mullets on my flies and how I presented them. Even after having fished for them for about ten years, I now learned a hell lot more! There are different strategies, which I already have written about HERE. These days I was especially focussing on a) different ways to drop the fly in the water, b) of starting the retrieve, c) of retrieving speed and d) different flies (size, colour and weight). Yet I did not start to experiment with any flavours or smells.

a) Some mullets will be attracted and may give a fast strike, if the fly drops in just next to them. Now it depends on how deep they swim, if you want a hard drop or a soft drop. My main rule is: The deeper the mullet swims and/or the further away I have to drop the fly (maybe because I want my fly line to stay far away of the fish), the louder it should drop. But this only belongs to those mullets, which will react positively on the fly dropping in. Some will refuse immediately. That is when I change the strategy and present my fly further away or use one, which has almost no lead and drops in very gently. In order to make it drop in loudly, I may kind of hit the surface with high speed sometimes. This can work especially in rough water!

b) Never try to start the retrieve very abruptly! That is the best way to spook them 90% of the time. You sometimes may want the fly to drop first and then start retrieving immediately. But even if you aim for high retrieving speed, accelerate the fly smoothly. No sudden abrupt pulls. Sometimes, when I can't see the fly at all and even can't see the fish clearly, I strip in pretty fast in order to be able to feel a take (if one will happen). But again: Never I start any retrieve abruptly. It's about smoothness.

c) Usually I retrieve as fast as the fish will be. If he starts to follow I speed up a little. That often makes him run into the fly. Also some mullets only seem to react on a fly just sinking down in front of them. Be warned: They may take your fly of the ground! Wait half a second before you hit the fish, if he takes your fly. Often if you hit it too early, the fly fully comes out of the mouth again!

d) If I see a huge fish slowly moving directly on the ground (deep swimming fish), I mostly just let my fly drop in front of his nose. This is when a huge fly often worked best for me. If instead I retrieve pretty fast, a small fly often worked best for me. The colour mostly did not seem to make a difference. But I shall add: I have had a few situations, in which colour seemed to make a difference. So, if no strike will happen, just give it a try and change colour.

One of the most important hints I shall offer is: Always hit it with significance, if you think the fish has taken your fly. If you can't see the fly, but the fish starts to move fast to the place where your fly must be, wait a second and then hit it. Mullets tend to split the fly out fast. So you have to set the hook quickly. :-)

During the past week I was a very lucky guy and could land one mullet every day. Some have been pretty big (upto 5Kg). The bigger they get, the smarter they are. If I find a group I fish for the smallest one, because those are often more aggressive in their takes/reactions. Smaller HERE means still >2Kg. We do not have any small mullets below 50cm. Average these days was 3.5Kg. Biggest one was >5Kg and the smallest one was 2Kg.

Hopefully I could inspire you to give it a try. For me fly fishing for mullet has given me some really fantastic moments in my fly fishing life! To see a 5Kg mullet chasing your fly meter for meter and then finally take it, that is a fantastic way of fly fishing.

I wish all of you my best,

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