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Ronan's report

Sunday May 29th 2010

For ages, I've thrown out the spools when getting new flylines and shootingheads. I don't use them to store the lines on, so I've never really had any use for them.

Then at the Danish Fly Festival last year, I was talking to Simon Gawesworth of Rio Products, and he was kind enough to give me a lovely little gizmo - The Rio Cranky.

The Cranky is a little, orange plastic gizmo that attaches to Rio's fly line spools and instantly turns them into a cheap, lightweight and efficient line winder.

If you travel with more than one line and only one reel (which I know some do), or if you travel with several reels and even more fly lines (which I've been known to do :-), it's a brilliant gadget to bring. It weighs close to nothing and takes up very little space. The fly lines are safely stored on the spools, and more importantly, changing lines is a bliss.

So no more throwing out old fly line spools from Rio :-).

Have a great weekend, all! We're celebrating my youngest daughter's 1st brithday to day, so it's a house full of guests all weekend and no fishing :-).


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