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Ronan's report

Monday August 7th, 2007

In case you've not noticed the UK is having its wettest year since records began. Over the past few months torrential rain has caused floods all over England. Sitting here fairly well north it seemed like we'd escaped. However, no such luck, storms last night flooded Pennan, a wee coastal village just along the way.Meanwhile, Foot and Mouth disease resurfaced in England at the weekend. Stock is being culled in and around effected farms and bio-security measures are in place. For now, that 'just' means restriction on the movement of farm animals. Hopefully, this outbreak has been caught early and we won't see a repeat of the country-wide culls of a few years ago.

Makes you wonder what's next?

Meanwhile on a lighter note:

Over on the Board:

Rich has mounted a campaign against Eurocentric terms Seems he has trouble swallowing when two words get sort of mashed together. (Richard is originally a Germanic name formed from 'ric' meaning power and 'hard' meaning hardy or brave - squished together to form Richard.)

Thanks to a very honest bit of introspection by The Fly Fishing Rabbi a fascinating thread has broken out raising all manner of deep thoughts about the nature of fish and anglers.


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