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Ronan's report

Monday 10th September, 2012

It's starting to feel quite Autumnal now, here in Hungary, not that I appear to be here for more than five minutes before nipping off to another country. And while it's still a warm 30C during the day, there is something in the air. Maybe it's just that days are a little shorter and the nights a little longer, or perhaps that the leaves have coloured - they're not yellow or anything, but there is some yellow there; a hint of what's to come.

I love Autumn and it's one of my favourite seasons, especially living in, or indeed perched above, a forest like I do. And there is work to be done, grapes to be planted, another year of firewood to be cut; one or probably two weeks with the chainsaw.

And Autumn in always one of the best times for fishing. The extreme temperatures of summer, have been replaced with something more sensible, the river is low and for some reason fish seem to feel impending winter and maybe this is why they feed so voraciously. Or perhaps it's all just water temperature related, in any case Asp will be surface feeding for another six weeks, or hopefully a little bit longer if we get an Indian (or in Hungary: "Old Woman") Summer.

Then of course, it closes down completely because winter arrives on the scene, it snows, everything freezes and before you know it you're living in an icy hell and your balls start to freeze. But that won't apply to me, because I'll be in New Zealand fishing the start of a new summer and enjoying enjoying Spring - thank God.

Anyway while it may have felt a bit like Autumn at Latohegy this weekend, I won't be experiencing this feeling for a few more weeks because I'm flying to Malaysia tomorrow, taking in their IFFF Show where I'll be giving a couple of casting demos and catching up with some really great friends, as well as a Snakehead (or Sailfish) fishing trip.

Then it's back to Europe, a flying visit to Ralf in Germany, followed by a long weekend in St Petersburg for the flyfishing show they have planned there - man that could be a cold one and I plan to wear one of those furry Russian hats.

Our auction raising money for Legend Knut Systad continues with Gordon Armstrong auctioning off his legendary DH 15ft 11 weight flyrod, used for setting two world records and numerous competition wins.

There are lots of other exciting activities and items being auctioned too, check them all out here.

Have a fantastic week!


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