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Ronan's report

Sunday December 24th, 2006

So, it's Christmas Eve! I may as well be up front about this. I'm not religious. Or mystical. And I mean, at all. I don't see the true meaning of Christmas as having much to do with angels and virgin births. If you go in for that stuff, that's cool. You know, knock yourself out, but my idea of three wise men is Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins. So, for me, the true spirit of Christmas is pretty materialistic - eating, drinking and giving stuff to my friends. Maybe getting some stuff from my friends too. I don't mind all the traditional nonsense though, trees and lights and whatnot. It's all fun and I can get as maudlin as anyone this time of year.

This year, as usual,, I'm spending Christmas in Middlemarch, New Zealand. My partner and I trick up the old scout hall with decorations and keep the log fire going even if it's too hot, and make sure there's lots of liquor and food to hand in case friends and neighbours drop in. I'll be expecting some of the regulars to swing by, maybe not on Christmas day, but certainly over the holiday period. Loopers for sure - Carl and Jeanie, Paul, Lionel, Quentin and Neil, and some others I hope. Some good Kiwi fishing pals will show up for a snort or two - John Dean, Keith Mitchell, Ron Jones, Bruce Masson. Maybe Chris Dore will drop in, and a couple of the other boys from down Southland way. It's an open door policy around the old shack at Christmas.

As far as I'm concerned, my friends are the most important thing in life. It's always a treat to see my old friends, every time, and it's great to meet new ones too. It goes without saying that fly fishing friends are the best kind. This is the time of year for it, for sure. And the best thing is that the trout season is in full swing, so it's not just nodding off to fishing videos after the Christmas Pudding. Down here we can actually go dry fly fishing on Boxing Day! How good is that?

I hope you all have your best friends and partners and dogs around you, even if it's here on the Sexyloops board, and have a great Christmas - or Xmas, whatever works for you.


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