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Ronan's report

Friday July 28th, 2006

On Saturday I’ll be heading for the CLA game fair. The largest country type thing anywhere in the world, I think. As you read this Mike (Victor) 'Bushy' 'Boris' Heritage will be taking part in the new saltwater fly-casting competition. Now I hope Mike wins, I really do! He's a great caster, despite not liking the TCR 5, and deserves to win. I say this now as he's on his way to Romsey and won't see this until Monday, so Mike, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

Just in case things don't go to plan. Mike, that was crap! I can't believe I got dressed up for that shit. Was that backing ever going to make an appearance?

Saltwater fly-casting. Why??? What's new? Well from what I can gather you are a saltwater fly caster if you are either A, throwing a heavy line with the aid of a line tray, or B, wearing blue mirrored shades and a pink shirt with a vent in the back.

Mike will be wearing a tutu, so what that means I have no idea.

Hmmm. Have a great weekend!


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