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Ronan's report

Friday, 21 June 2013

I am certain that I am no different to most dads in the world – wanting, hoping, and believing that their children will enjoy the sport of fishing. And of course, it all starts with the first rod. I recall receiving my first conventional fishing rod when I was seven years old. It was nothing spectacular, but it was mine. It is this simple thing from thirty five off years ago that was so significant that it has stuck in my memory banks.

Anyways, I now find myself in a similar situation with my son who turns five on 24 June. The slight difference is that he has specifically requested a bigger conventional rod so that he can catch bigger fish. I would like to oblige to his request so that the dream and passion can develop further.

This will not be his first rod. In fact, he received his first rod when he was still crawling. The rod then was not a fishing apparatus, but a fancy stick that could be dragged on the floor, poked into the ground, smashed onto the ground. Well, you get the picture if you have kids. He received his first fly rods when he was three and a half, and that is already etched in his memory banks. We try our best to practice casting every weekend.

So he will receive his first “real” conventional rod on 24 June and I know that this will be etched in his memory banks as well for as long as he lives. It is my dream/intention/expectation to empower him as quickly as possible so that we can both go fishing and we will both actually get the chance to fish (not just me helping him all the time). I know that time will be soon.

I will always do my best to feed his passion, even if it ends up being something like golf. Life is too short and for me family is always first. Sacrifices for family are always worth it in the long run. Perhaps take a moment to assess your life and to develop the real long lasting memories that really matter the most.

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