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Ronan's report

Friday March 7th, 2008

The only way to be like that is:

Playing Guitar vs. Fly Casting.

How many similarities and differences in the same time:

  1. A Fly Fishing Rod is like a Guitar without strings.
  2. Strings are like a line.
  3. A Guitar neck is a rod Grip.
  4. We use two hands in different ways, in both cases.
  5. Guitar delivers tones, rod delivers loops.
  6. In both cases we are looking for perfection.
  7. Perfection is mathematical discipline, it can be measured sometimes, sometimes it can't be measured, but in both cases we can simply feel it, because it is all about harmony and friendly peace between us and the guitar tones , between us and (Sexy) loops.
  8. Silence of perfect loops or controlled noise (music) of perfect guitar tones is our goal which gives us an unbitten joy of free feelings and all we want is to be free, just because of that.
  9. Human, but still animal, to have control using hardly learned skills but to be free and still have instinct like an animal, once you can control it without human way of limited thinking.
  10. So, is that could be the right way how to play Guitar and how to cast perfect loops?

How to get there then?

9. The highest possible skills only could be gotten using the way of the highest possible practicing, self control and training.

8. Set your mind free, practice it by practicing slowly, slowly and slower, you will hear your self then. Get rid of rush, than you will hear your self.

7. Don't forget to feel it and enjoy it, be careful with self control it can make a robot from you, so you will loose sense of feeling, harmony and beauty.

6. Perfection will come by itself, like a deserved consequence, don't forget it is about what we are looking for.

5. Ask somebody else you don't like him and vice versa, to assess your playing, your tones and your loops. Watch his body language, don't listen to him. Body language will tell you where are you in this game.

4. Tricky one, especially on the beginning of this journey, both hands have the same agenda, but with different actions. Split it in the brain, you have it anyway, left and right part of the brain.

3. Take every breath with it. Live with it. Let it becomes a part of you. The Grip!

2. Yes they are. And yes, they deliver tones and loops on the end. Choose and maintain them properly, don't be selfish, replace it if it isn't anymore comfortable for use.

1. Yes, Fly Casting is like Guitar Playing, it makes you free.

And this is all we need, to like our freedom.

And this is the only way to be Human, but still Animal.


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