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Main purpose: Eating a fish?


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Ronan's report

Wednesday 19 March, 2014

According to the German federal animal welfare act: No one is allowed, without proper reason, to cause any animal suffering, pain or injury.

This of course leads to a few questions:

a) What is a proper reason? and

b) How are "suffering, pain and injury" defined?

About b) we can find many different scientific papers representing pretty different results.

About a) (In Germany) I often heard that the main judical interpretation is, that an angler is allowed to fish as long as his main purpose is to catch a fish for eating.

Instead angling based on the purpose to release every fish no matter what, would not be tolerated based on how most judges interpret the current law.

Having said so, we have a serious percentage of anglers, who state to go angling in order to catch fish and then take it for eating. They claim eating the fish to be their main purpose of angling.

Personally I yet never came even close to understand those anglers. Allthough I yet never have been fishing together with a single of these anglers, who did spent all the time, money and afford into angling mainly to have a fish (or two) for dinner!

Instead all anglers joining me fishing (quite some during the years...) understood the whole experience of angling (being in the nature, learning about wildlife + fish behaviour + angling techniques, joining good friends and a lot more...) to be the main purpose. Eating a fish here and there to many anglers was a fine by product, while others didn't even want to eat a single fish. About 10 to 15% maybe didn't even like to eat any fish at all. Still all of them loved to fish!

I am wondering, if going fishing in order to simply enjoy the whole process of fishing (with all its fine aspects) should not clearly be a proper reason to be allowed to do so!?

I would love to hear (read) your opionion!

a) Why do you go fishing and b) Are you officially allowed to do so in your country or not?

Personally I think it really is time for a HUGE change in Germany (and some of the countries nearby like Switzerland and Austria for example)!

All my best


p.s.: During the past week me and Alex meet with Pete on Schloss Wotersen and had a pretty close look at the venue for the German Fly Festival 2014 on May 17 + 18. We now have been working around 20 hours every day (and night). But yes, the festival is pretty much growing these days! Our website will be available in english as well by the end of this week. The German part of it is fully life by now. I am sure it all will be worth the effort and we will have a hell of a festival again. Looking forward to meet many of you on our festival!

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