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Ronan's report

Sunday 29th September, 2013

So you are probably all wondering who I am? Well, my name is Chris, and I am a fishaholic. I have been dry for two days now and am already getting the shakes. Only a couple of days to go until the new Freshwater Fishing season here in New Zealand, and from thereon there will be long, unexplained absences, mood swings and general evasiveness pertaining to my whereabouts. I am a fishaholic, and I don't want your help.

I began fly fishing at the age of 10, pretty much after getting bored with catching sea run trout, and kahawai on spin gear with grandad. I had seen those guys at the river mouth flinging loops back and forth on long, thin rods, looking cool and catching fish - I wanted to do that! Now, 25 years later I am a full time Professional Fly Fishing Guide and IFFF Certified Casting Instructor here in Queenstown, New Zealand and enjoy the highly instructional approach that 'life's too short to not catch fish'. When I'm not on the river I am writing about it, talking and dreaming it - this thing we do sure is addictive!

What I enjoy most are the more technical challenges of trout fishing and there is nothing I love more than getting beaten by the river: a new question posed, a challenge accepted then its back to the drawing board designing a different approach. The theories, opinions and experiences all get the blood rushing, and then the anticipation of getting back out there and going head to head once again with the river is better than sex (er, well, not really, but you get my point). I love this stuff!

Then again, it has been said that until trout learn to talk, fly fishing is just organised B.S.

I look forward to sharing my experiences, questions, B.S. and challenges with you here on sexyloops, and chatting to you all over on The Board!

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