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Ronan's report

Monday 4th January, 2013

I hopped over to Thailand for the weekend with Mr T and another friend for a change of pace. Quite a contrast between the two sides of the border, I can tell you! Later today, after catching up with emails and Board registrations, I'm going to explore the southern part of the lake I'm fishing in Malaysia. I think it's more remote, a bit wilder and full of Giant Snakehead!

Anyway, I read with interest Ronan's blog entry a couple of days ago - be sure to subscribe if you haven't, it's easier to keep up with him if you do! We have an almost identical approach when arriving at an unknown trout lake, but there are some interesting differences too.

Ronan's olive woolly bugger is a very similar size and dressing to my damsel nymph. But the difference is that he often fishes it at distance on a slime line, stripping, and it's slightly more weighted, whereas (in New Zealand anyway) I usually start fishing with a floater and slowly searching the margins first. Which actually can work really well when both fishing together, because we get to cover both bases - ie fishing the flats as well as fishing the drop-off. There is never any point in fishing identical methods unless you have it sussed!

I tell you something though, I reckon the rabbit cat's whisker I've been fishing regularly the last couple of years, could be a killer fished on the drop in New Zealand. I've used it on Taupo for smelt feeders many years back, but not as an exploratory fly on the South Island.

Right now, however, I'm working on a different jigsaw, and looking forward to trying a new part of the lake. Will be back in KL for Chinese New Year. Looking forward to that!

Thanks Ti for a great trip to Thailand :-)


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