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Ronan's report

Monday 3rd December, 2012

So it was a great trip to the Baltic and with Bernd's help we well and truly nailed it. Bernd had a couple of sea trout (one decent one). Djordje had a small sea trout. Small and some medium-ish size pike were caught and Bernd had one excellent day fishing with a leader that no-one else had.

And I caught a Short-Spined Sea Scorpion. (Of trophy size.)

I learned a good deal about sea trout in the salt from Bernd. I learned that to catch sea trout, you need waves and therefore wind, but not so much wind that it completely discolours the water. And you have to wade out to rocks, occasionally finding yourself swimming ("it's only water", said Bernd - forgetting that it is also early winter), and when you do find yourself a rock you have to climb it, one of two things will happen here, you will either tear your waders or else a big wave will come along and knock you off when you're not expecting it, and sometimes both.

And then having scaled your rock, you make your longest casts, strip like hell (because nothing else works apparently, and I can't dispute this with any valid data of my own), and repeat for seven days, without a break, and all the while telling everyone that you "have a feeling that something is going to happen". This may catch you a sea trout, or a Sea Scorpion if you're very lucky and/or highly skilled.

I think the addiction is in catching a silver 4 or 5 - and for me now, it would definitely have to be over five (just saying) - kilo Sea Trout out the sea. And if I ever find myself at this time of the year in Europe again, then I may fish here for a month, we shall see. Probably not, truth be told, because at times the water was so cold I found it difficult to find my penis, and once I actually thought I had lost it, and I never normally have that problem.

But I really went up there, not for Sea Trout, nor even the Sea Scorpions, but in fact for the BIG Pike that Bernd fills his Facebook page with. I don't know what I was thinking, but I was planning to catch 30 or 40 pike over twenty pounds with the odd thirty pounder thrown in. And why not? Well that's because there aren't any. None of us had one big pike between us.

Something I learned is that pike become educated through pressure. I've never fished for educated pike before and I may try to avoid this in the future!

Despite the fact that I can never remember such a poor week of fish being caught (apart from one time with Ronan when neither of us caught a fish for ten days!), it was a thoroughly enjoyable week and I learned a great deal. Thanks Bernd! And thanks Aitor, Djordje, Akos, Holgar for your company - and Andy for lending me his boots!

And now I shall sleep and dream of trophy Short-Spined Sea Scorpions. (I don't normally go to sleep at 10.40am - really - but we drove through the night, through blizzards and fog to get home). Danube looks in fine order by the way.


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